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The Sheep Shop is a wool shop in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.  You'll find fabulous touchy-feely yarns, knitting needles & crochet hooks, notions and patterns.  We also have fleece for felting and spinning.  We're just a mile from the market square.

You can join The Sheep Shop flock on Friday mornings and some Tuesday evenings to stitch & bitch

Want to learn?  We hold lots of knitting, crochet and other craft classes.

Knitting superstar Stephen West will be here to meet you and teach on Sunday 6th December, and Sparkleduck will be bringing lots of extra yarn we don't normally stock!

Photography & makeup by Alexandra Feo

Enter our Christmas decoration competition here.

Opening hours 

Tuesdays: 10am - 7pm/9pm on knit nights (closed 2-3pm)

Wednesdays: 10am - 6pm (closed 2-3pm)

Thursdays: 10am - 6pm (closed 2-3pm)

Fridays: 10am - 6pm (closed 2-3pm)

Saturdays: 10am - 6pm (closed 2-3pm)

Sundays: closed

Mondays: closed 

Please note that on some Saturdays we have afternoon classes taking place during the 2-3pm period we are normally closed.  The shop is not open between 2-3pm even if a class takes place.

Christmas holiday

We will be closed Christmas Eve (Thursday) to New Year's Eve (Thursday), inclusive.  

New Year's Day: 10am - 5pm, (closed 2-3pm). There will be Friday knit group 10am - 12 noon to kick off 2016!

Saturday 2nd Jan: open as usual 


 The Sheep Shop - all you need to knit, and more!



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