Are you looking for someone to knit or crochet you an item, sew up or darn something you have knitted? Would you like to be paid to knit, crochet, darn or sew up?  Find each other here.

Knitters wanted

If you are looking for an item to be made, please contact the people on this list directly.  You need to agree:

  • a timescale and deadlines for the work
  • the pattern and yarn to be used
  • the fee (be clear whether this is with or without the yarn cost)
  • the method and time of payment
  • anything else important to you (such as are you allergic to pet hair - the knitter may have pets?)

As a rough guide, an adult jumper or a pair of socks will take about 40 hours to knit.  This will vary a lot depending on the size to be knitted, the thickness of the wool and the simplicity of the pattern - a large size in a 4 ply wool with a cabled pattern will take a lot longer than a size small with chunky wool and plain stocking stitch.  A 40 hour knit won't be done in a few days, as few knitters can knit for more than a few hours a day for prolonged periods.  Watch a video from Jess, an American commission-knitter.

Note - if you click on a "contact email" link and no email pops up, check the bottom left of your screen and the email address should be displayed.

Knitters for hire

This list is now closed to non-Cambridgeshire knitters.  If you are in Cambridgeshire and would like to be added, please email me with your name, location and a contact email or phone number to publish on this page, and a brief text about your experience and the size, types and special techniques for projects you are willing to tackle.  We will ask for some photos of your work, especially those which focus on finishing details like seams, or for you to bring samples into the shop.

Knitting & crochet 

  • Kristen (Edinburgh). Experienced in everything except steeking, award-winning knitter.  Likes knitting baby clothes, hats and accessories, will do jumpers.  Can work without a pattern but would prefer to have a written pattern.  Contact email.  
  • Jean (Downham Market). Many years of experience, all wool thicknesses, all patterns.  Happy to do lace, cables, intarsia, fairisle but not beads.  Please contact with size and pattern.  Contact email.
  • Geraldine (Basingstoke).  A professional knitter, will knit baby and childrens wear, small items, scarfs, hats and gloves.  Pattern and wool to be provided.  Lace items can be made but only in DK wool.  Prices do not include postage.  Contact email.
  • Sue (Coventry). Professional knitter and crocheter, very experienced and fully insured. Will make any pattern in any wool, full free quote given. Please contact with ideas, questions & requirements.
  • Julia (Bristol).  Happy to undertake large or small crochet projects in any weight of yarn.  Confident in standard crochet but not Tunisian crochet, broomstick crochet or intarsia.  Contact email.
  • Andrea (Co Durham). Enjoys knitting toys such as teddy bears, dolls, fairies, unicorns etc, and baby and adult garments in DK, 4 ply or Aran. Sorry no mohair (allergic).  Has pet and smoke free home.  Recently retired so lots of time to make your orders.  Has a large stash of patterns and will source yarns if required.  All orders posted Recorded Delivery.  Contact email.
  • Anita (North Yorkshire). Very experienced knitter of garments, accessories and homewear, happy to tackle all kinds of projects in any weight of yarn.  Able to knit without a pattern.  Contact email.
  • Yvonne (Scotland). Knits baby and christening shawls, specialising in lace patterns using 1 and 2 ply wool, sourcing pure wool direct from the Shetland Islands.  Contact email
  • Rachel (Reading). Enjoys knitting baby blankets and baby items, or if using chunky wool, large blankets and throws. Happy to do cables, patterned knits and lace knitting and small items such as accessories and toys. Contact email
  • Matilda (London). Knitter, crocheter and embroiderer for over 30 years.  Happy to undertake everything from baby to adult, also knits for fashion companies.  Prefers thicker yarn but will knit with fine yarn, can knit from a photo or sketch but a pattern helps.  Contact email.
  • Jane (Blackpool).  Started knitting professionally 26 years ago, experienced in knitting garments in all sizes from babies through to large adult.  Can work from any pattern and in any yarn but prefers double knit or Aran.  Competent in many stitches, cable patterns, enjoys completing challenging patterns.  Also has experience in knitting stuffed toys. Contact email.
  • Karen (London). A hand and machine knitter with over 10 years of experience, with an emphasis on fashion knitwear. Able to work both with or without a pattern and can create new patterns if required. Large and small projects welcome. Contact email
  • Hazel (Oxfordshire) Has been knitting professionally for over 30 years.  Happy to knit any pattern of fashion (children's to adult's), home ware (throws, blankets, nursery items, cushions, etc), in any synthetic and naturals wools from 2-ply to chunky.  Bespoke knitted items are her speciality, she has worked with designers on projects for home and fashion.  Contact email
  • Sophie (Kent).  Has over 40 years experience and enjoys knitting baby and children's wear.  Currently knit for a Scottish designer and for a made to order children's knitwear company. Happy to try and help with any enquiry.  Contact email.
  • Tanya (Worcester). Has been knitting for about 10 years, enjoys lace patterns, sewing up and is an avid collector of vintage patterns. Will knit adult or children's clothes, cushions or blankets, and will take on most projects except socks and large Fair Isle projects. Contact email.
  • Mary Anne (Sussex).  Experienced knitter of many years, can knit toys, blankets, jumpers, cardigans, cushions, Fair Isle, baby knits and most knitting projects. Contact email.
  • Elvira (Northamptonshire).  Has been knitting for family and friends since 2007 and knits for a menswear designer. Will knit or crochet hats, scarves, baby clothes or blankets using 4 ply to super chunky yarn.  Prefers knitting and crocheting with a pattern, can do simple cabling. Contact email.
  • Gerry (Cambridge). Darning costs £5 - 20 depending on the size of the hole. Contact email.

The Sheep Shop is not responsible for any work requested or undertaken.  Please contact knitters directly. Please bear in mind that the people on this list are mostly hobby, not professional, knitters.