An abundance of help, advice and inspiration

Ravelry - superdooper pattern library, a million people to answer your questions and share your knit/crochet life, helpful notes on other people's projects, masses of brilliant stuff.  The best website, in the world, ever. Also a great reference for translating patterns from other languages.

KnittingHelp.com - videos walking you through lots of different techniques.  If you can't find what you want here, there's thousands on YouTube.  

Ann Kingstone also has excellent videos to walk you through certain techniques, especially  useful for Fair Isle (navigate using the tabs at the top).

Knitty - online knitting and spinning magazine, the articles are excellent.

UK Hand Knitting Association - techniques, UK competitions, communities, shows, jobs and all sorts.

TechKnitting - exceptional blog explaining the ins and outs of different techniques.

The Knitting Fiend - a multitude of calculators, e.g. how to decrease stitches evenly across a row and how much yarn is needed for a project.

Left-handed knitting - lefties, you have a choice of knitting the same as righties, standard English style or standard Continental style, or "mirror knitting".  If you knit the standard way you'll find masses of instructions and advice (many people prefer the Continental way as the left hand is used more).  If you mirror knit you may find the movement more natural, but righties will be flummoxed to help you.  Find out about mirror knitting.

Crochet Me - lots of patterns, blogs, forums and how-to-crochet videos.  The adverts are a bit annoying, but the how to crochet blog is rather good.

 Other local craftplaces 

The Beaderie on Magdalene St is the only dedicated bead shop in Cambridge.

Cottenham Academy: Intensive courses in a variety of textiles can be learned here.

The Cambridgeshire branch of the Knitting & Crochet Guild can be contacted on Twitter


Local woolly bloggers 



Super-lovely people have asked for a way to download posters and flyers from the shop.  Here it is - please feel free to print off and circulate.  No need to ask permission, but if you do it would be great to know that you have so I can thank you!

General shop flyer (PDF 569KB)

Pub quiz (PDF 744KB) - from our Six Bells quiz night

Patterns from the shop can be downloaded from our blog, Ravelry or Craftsy.

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