Classes and workshops

We run a wide variety of craft classes, for beginners to advanced level.  They are a great place to meet people as all crafters are lovely, and our teachers can count knowledge and patience amongst their many other excellent qualities!  

Full payment in advance is needed for online booking, if you'd rather book by phone that's fine too.  A 25% deposit is needed, please call Sarah on 01223 311268 or email us to reserve a space until able to call in (we can usually hold it for 48 hours). The remaining fee is needed two weeks before your class.
The class bookings will open here - it can take a little time in some browsers to appear. 

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You might not be aware, but your little shop with all these classes is something amazing and wonderful.  When I came to the UK I was quite homesick. I missed my family and all my friends. But I found your shop: knitting, crocheting... and my own way to happiness.
Now, back home, I really miss your classes. I did not just learn how to knit - I learned to relax and to forget things I might have worried about.  Today, even if I'm stressed - I take my time, sit down, knit or crochet and feel better. Well, I hope you know what I mean. I wish you all the best and I hope more and more people will find your shop."
Tanja Faust, April 2017

Saturday classes are for three to seven people. Sunday classes are for up to ten people. Unless otherwise specified, they are for adults (we do special school holiday classes for children). 

Advance booking is recommended as if there are insufficient participants classes will be cancelled at noon a week beforehand. 

Class participants get 10% off any purchase for the class and 10% off any purchase on the day of the class.

Tea and biscuits provided at every class.

Class returns policy 

If a class regrettably needs to be cancelled you will be informed ASAP and refunded in full.   

If you need to cancel, for most classes you can have a full refund or transfer to another class if you notify us by ten days before the class date.  For teachers who have booked train tickets and/or accommodation in order to teach here, the last notification date will be the same as the last date for booking.

Cancellations made with less than 10 days notice, or after the last-booking date if one is listed, will only be refunded if the class runs with a full complement of students or you find someone to take your place.  In cases of difficult weather, if our teacher can make it the class will go ahead and we cannot remunerate you if you are unable to.

Events for you and your friends

Want to organise a team-building event, hen party, baby shower or the like?  Some of our craft classes can be run just for your group (of five to ten people), for two - three hours, with all materials provided. Prices vary depending on numbers, materials needed and day/time, but are usually £28 - 30 per person.

Best yarn for learning

When choosing yarn for a class, we highly recommend that you choose a yarn which is in a pale or bright colour, not dark and not variegated. It should be smooth, not a chenille or novelty yarn, and natural fibres are usually much easier to work with than acrylic. Read Joanne Scrace's blog post about choosing yarn to learn with.